July 8, 2017- Malaysian Foreign Trade Development Board Director Rosmizah Mat Jusoh invited businessmen from Ankara to invest in Malaysia. Visiting Gürsel Baran, Chairman of the Board of Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ACC), Jusoh informed about investment opportunities in his country and said that Malaysia, along with neighboring countries, addresses a market with a population of 600 million.


Stressing that they want to develop trade relations between Malaysia and Turkey, Jusoh stated that "to develop trade relations between our two countries, we hope to make joint efforts with the Ankara Chamber of Commerce. As Foreign Trade Development Board, we want to help everyone who wants to improve mutual trade.

Noting that Malaysia has strengths in international competition, Jusoh said that businessman's bileteral meetings and travels could be the beginning to develop commercial relations. Jusoh also invited the ACC delegation headed by Baran to Malaysia.