September 26, 2017 - Venezuelan Ambassador Jose Gregorio Bracho Reyes recalled that Venezuela was the first country to condemn the July 15 coup attempt, saying, 'Our ancestor is facing Turkey.'

Venezuela's Ambassador to Ankara Jose Gregorio Bracho Reyes visited Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO) Chairman Gürsel Baran. 'We want to benefit from the experience of Turkey in this process, we have a lot to learn from you,' he said, not only in the Middle East but also in the entire world,' said Mr. Reyes, who stated that they aimed to diversify the economy in order to overcome the crisis due to the sudden drop in oil prices.



'Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the world,' said Reyes, 'We have become a highly dependent country on oil revenues. We have left other sectors, oil revenues, but the economy is not just oil dependent. we need to diversify our economy in the meantime, we want to work with arm in Turkey with this breakthrough.' Indicating that they have to support agriculture, tourism, alternative energy and other sectors, Ambassador Reyes said that the world's best quality cocoa has grown in Venezuela, with 34 million hectares of arable land available.

Recognizing that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro could come to Ankara for the Economic Cooperation Meeting scheduled for October, Reyes said he wanted Maduro to meet with Turkish businessmen and he asked the ACC for assistance.

ACC Chairman Gürsel Baran said that the trade between Turkey and Venezuela was at the level of 85 million dollars and said, 'These numbers are very inadequate, we are two important countries of the world but we can not develop the trade between us very much. There are many areas where two countries can do business cooperation.'

'I believe that if some improvements are made, the trade between Turkey and Venezuela will be much higher than today's figures,' Baran said, citing obstacles in front of the trade between the two countries. Baran also informed Ambassador Reyes about Ankara's economy and the work of the ACC.